Dutch consortium recovers industrial waste heat @ Tatasteel


Dutch consortium recovers industrial waste heat @ Tatasteel



Dutch consortium converts industrial waste heat into electricity and steam with Nano technology

IJMUIDEN, May 12, 2017 - A consortium consisting of RGS Development, Tata Steel, ENGIE and the regional Development Company NHN (NHN) has been awarded a Demonstration Energy Innovation Grant (DEI) for the initiative "Waste Radiation Heat to Power and Steam" WRAPS. The Ministry of Economic Affairs makes a 1.5 million Euro subsidy available for the project, which aims to extract energy from industrial waste heat.

Under the name 'WRAPS', organizations work together to exploit the high temperature waste heat (700-1200°C), which is released in the production of steel, metal and glass, among others. For this, RGS Development from Broek on Langedijk developed ThermagyTM heat panels, patented panels that convert radiation waste heat to electricity and hot water. ENGIE supplies a Qpinch heat transformer, which converts the released hot water into the process into steam. The demonstration project involves an installation that generates a total of 1 megawatts of power and steam from about 2 megawatts of waste heat. The project runs from mid-2017 until the end of 2019.

Tata Steel IJmuiden is a leading steel producer and an ideal location to test this innovative technology. "Much of the waste heat in our processes is already used to preheat gas and combustion air and steam in some places. You cannot cast steel without releasing radiant heat. The introduction of Thermagy now also makes it possible to use the high-temperature radiant heat, "explains Gerard Jägers, Program Manager Energy Efficiency at Tata Steel in IJmuiden.

This development contributes to the reduction of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions. "With the grant, we want to prove the value of the application of Thermagy technology to a greater extent," said Maarten den Heijer, CEO of RGS Development. "It is a great opportunity to shape this sustainable prime in its own region, thereby strengthening the ambition of the region in the field of renewable energy. Thermagy is interesting for a large number of energy-intensive industrial companies. The global potential is huge. "

Based on studies, it is estimated that the amount of unused high temperature waste heat in European industries can amount to 100+ petajoule per year, equal to the total 2020 target for energy reduction in the Netherlands. With the demonstrated concept, a significant contribution can be made to this objective in the coming years. “A fantastic endeavor”, says Bjorn Borgers of Development Company NHN: "WRAPS is a good example of regional cooperation in the North Holland North region. Business, government and various knowledge institutions work together to enable valorization of innovations. The focus is on creative, sustainable and energy-saving solutions."

WRAPS is just one of the renewable energy initiatives in the region, emphasizes Paul Stroomer on behalf of ENGIE. "Like Ambigo, IDEA, Investa and Energy Network Heerhugowaard, this is one of the pearls in the chain of energy innovation projects in the Alkmaar region. With our regional partners, we develop Noord-Holland Noord as a knowledge center and demonstration area for sustainable innovation. This makes the region increasingly attractive for companies and education. "


Thermagy panels in WRAPS pilot-project @ Tatasteel IJmuiden

Thermagy panels in WRAPS pilot-project @ Tatasteel IJmuiden