PDENH invests € 1.2 million in RGS Development


PDENH invests € 1.2 million in RGS Development

In the coming years, RGS Development aims to realize an annual energy production capacity of 100 GWh, enough electricity for 25,000 households. Tata Steel in IJmuiden will be - as part of their energy efficiency initiatives - the launching customer. In addition to the recovery of heat, RGS Development is also working on the production of anode material for Li-ion batteries as an important secondary energy market.

CEO Maarten den Heijer is pleased with the investment of PDENH. From his point of view, the goals of the fund in sustainable economy align with the growth path of RGS Development. "This investment is an important step for RGS to come to a swift deployment of our energy systems. The combination strengthens the initiatives to give North Holland a leading position," says Den Heijer.


PDENH (Participatiefonds Duurzame Economie Noord-Holland) is an investment fund for established companies and start-ups that focus on biomass, green building, wind (offshore) and solar energy and thus contribute to the sustainable economy in the provence of North Holland. The investment fund was established and funded by the province of North Holland and is managed by KplusV and Start Green Capital.