Why Thermagy?


Why Thermagy?

Become sustainable

Clean energy, energy efficiency or ultimately self-supporting energy generation and heat process improvement? Our new and innovative Thermagy heat panels promote sustainability, energy efficiency and heat process improvement in your industry. Thermagy is a novel solution contributing to the global energy transition from fossil fuels to zero emissions

Improve your energy efficiency

Facilities in the steelnon-ferrous and glass industry are using a lot of energy. And 50%! of this energy gets lost during the production process. RGS Development aims to make your industry more sustainable by converting this waste heat into usable energy, hence reducing your CO2 emissions.

Improve your process effectivity

Controlling high temperature processes is difficult and costly. Thermagy collects important heat flow process information and automatically finetunes heat flow temperatures. This feature leads to improved process effectivity on top of energy efficiency.

Benefit immediately with ...

  • A profitable business case.
  • A visible reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • An improvement of your production process along the way.
  • A contribution to your sustainability reputation.
  • A low risk implementation process

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