Our technology


Our technology

Proprietary TEG concept

A high flexible TEG concept, suitable to scale to mass manufacturing

Thermagy heat panels are built from Thermoelectric Generation (TEG) modules. Thermoelectric generation is a long known concept to recover electricity from heat, using

  1. the Seebeck effect; when aA thermoelectric module is exposed to a heat source, such a module generates electrical power. Click here for an article ……
  2. The Peltier effect; when a voltage is applied to a thermoelectric module, this can create a temperature difference of several degrees in a radiation heat flow, for precision cooling or even additional heating.

Click here for an article …..

The Thermagy heat panels use nano-structured silicon germanium and higher manganese silicide with unique material properties due to the RGS process. In combination with a proprietary interconnection technology this enables the application of the highly efficient Thermagy heat panels for plug-and-play installations in the field of high temperature, industrial waste heat recovery and maintaining an exact process temperature.

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