Our production process


Our production process

Proprietary production process

Ribbon Growth on Substrate: unique rapid casting Production Process for advanced semi-conductor alloys

The proprietary silicon alloy manufacturing process is based upon tape casting of a thin layer of liquid silicon-metal compositions on a re-usable solid substrate in a continuous industrial process. The close contact between the silicon alloy and the substrate allows a well-controlled crystallization process that can be tuned from close to steady state crystallization to shock freezing, therefore allowing the control of the material structure down to the Nano-scale range. RGS Development uses its material know-how in combination with the unique and patented tape casting process to manufacture nano-structured silicon alloys that are engineered to different applications. The RGS silicon alloy is extremely cost efficient due to the patented RGS production process. The material is available for third party applications.

Proprietary TEG concept

A high flexible TEG concept, suitable to scale to mass manufacturing

The Thermagy heat panels use nano-structured silicon germanium and higher manganese silicide with unique material properties due to the RGS process. In combination with a proprietary interconnection technology this enables the application of the highly efficient Thermagy heat panels for plug-and-play installations in the field of high temperature, industrial waste heat recovery and maintaining an exact process temperature.

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