Thermagy industry applications

Thermagy heat panels are primarily developed  to benefit high temperature industrial manufacturing processes, such as.those in:

  • steel ( continuous casting line, hot roll mill, .. )  [link]
  • non-ferrous ( continuous casting line, hot roll mill, .. ) [link]
  • glass ( flue gas exhausts, feeder lines, … ) [link]
  • other industries ( such as cement, ceramics, … ) [link]
  • a range of industrial furnaces and high heat applications [link]

Electricity generation

The Thermagy solution can also be used for off grid electricity generation, in places where radiation heat is available or purposefully created. Think of:

  • high heat environments with sensors
  • heating/boiler systems
  • aerospace
  • remote places

In all high temperature zones of any industrial or off grid process, Thermagy might benefit autonomous (wireless) powering of measurement/activator systems – potentially enabling easier or more flexible process optimization means in those harsh environments.

Enabling high heat process research

The Thermagy module fits small scale tests across the applications as mentioned above. The Thermagy modules might also be suitable for test and research purposes at universities and knowledge institutes. [link]

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