Discover your potential


Discover your potential

Start a small Thermagy feasibility project!

In order to explore the potential of Thermagy heat panels in your specific facility we can start a concise (pre-)feasibility study in close cooperation with your experts. A low risk opportunity with lots to gain in energy efficiency, sustainability and reputation building. If the outcome of such an exercise offers enough perspectives, we can implement a small pilot for a longer period of time.

The scalability and ease of implementation of Thermagy (20x30 cm) heat panels allow a small system or a single-heat panel Thermagy pilot in one of your facilities. Through such a pilot you gather more data on the potential of your waste heat recovery or the precision control of your heat process. This will allow you to take a well-informed decision on possible next steps. Meanwhile, the Thermagy studies allow you to communicate your efforts in exploring new ways to improve your sustainability to all your stakeholders.

Steps to discover your potential

Towards optimal revenues, savings and sustainability we have identified 4 stages towards a full-grown solution:

  1. Small feasibility project at your facility
  2. Pilot project @ <1 m2 of Thermagy heat panels to get necessary customization and implementation data
  3. Demonstration @ 10-20 m2 of Thermagy heat panels to prepare for roll out
  4. Large scale (phased 0) roll out, phased

Small feasibility project

Together we:

  1. identify and assess the best spots along your heat process,
  2. draft and review a system setup in the existing operating environment,
  3. execute initial measurements on site, with the use of test-probes,
  4. predict economics and sustainability gains,
  5. define a pilot project for a full test program at a representative scale and at a suitable location.

Thermagy (pilot) project services

RGS specialists will support you in the entire process, from decision making up to implementation, effect measuring and reporting.

Contact us to discuss your Thermagy feasibility project