The benefits


The benefits

Due to their low cost and modular setup, Thermagy heat panels are an attractive option for a wide range of manufacturing plants and facilities (production lines and ovens up to 100 m).

Our novel low cost waste heat recovery solution is:


  • Reuses your high temperature waste heat for economic returns and energy efficiency (Seebeck)
  • Designed for today’s “untapped” temperature zones of 700°C - 1200°C
  • Measures and/or control your heat flows at high temperatures (Peltier)


  • Pilot version generates 1.5 -> 2.5 kW/m2 electricity, depending on your local situation
  • Co-generates hot water (optional upgrade to process steam)
  • Reduces CO2 emissions


  • Modular system set-up
  • Limited infrastructure needed
  • Flexible configuration

Easy to implement

  • Easy to install panels (20 x 30 cm)
  • No interference with the production process
  • Maintenance-free!

 Get started with just a small Thermagy pilot!