About RGS


About RGS

RGS Development B.V. is a nano alloys company, promoting the energy transition by the introduction of novel energy conversion solutions. Together with our industrial customers we create economic attractive products to meet today’s energy transition challenges.

RGS development offers innovative solutions for sustainable energy generation and storage. RGS provides the ThermagyTM technology to  co-generate or recover electrical and thermal energy locally. Furthermore RGS provides E-magyTM  nano sponge powder for application in high energy density Li-ion battery anodes.

RGS wishes to serve it’s customer by offering product qualification, incubation manufacturing and – afterwards - technology services or technology transfer services for it’s two brands Thermagy and E-magy. 

RGS also offers  co-development and co-manufacture of novel energy conversion solutions, based on the unique and  proprietary RGS production process for making tailored nano alloys at scale.

The company is located in a 1400 m2 facility in Broek op Langedijk, 30 minutes distance from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The enterprise comprises a proprietary industrial 100t rapid casting capability, as well as multiple furnace, etching  assembly and testing & characterization operations. The company represents a broad technology and manufacturing competence base for advanced material solutions.      


2000-2005:          Founding of RGS Development as a spin-off from ECN (Energy Centre Netherlands).                

2006-2010:          Establishment of the RGS technology  for the continuous production of silicon solar wafers

2010-2013:          Acquisition by Dow Corning RGS, followed by a management buyout, company turnaround to silicon nano alloys

2014-2016:          Development of Thermagy power panels based on silicon alloys, development of E-magy silicon nano sponge powder for Li-ion battery application

2017-2018 :         Entry to commercialization of Thermagy power panels and power modules, and of E-magy nano sponge Si powder


2015 FD Materials Champions Award. Recognition as a potential high growth international company.

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