Our vision & mission


Our vision & mission

Our Vision

We see that industries worldwide need to secure their competitive position, their economic value and their sustainability. Due to these economic and sustainability needs, their production processes and their products will enter into an energy transition cycle: from fossil energy intensity towards sustainability, i.e. to clean energy, energy efficiency and distributed energy generation.

We believe that industries can significantly reduce the energy consumption of their processes and products towards maximum energy efficiency and zero greenhouse emissions, by implementing advanced energy conversion solutions.

Our mission

To develop and implement energy conversion solutions – e.g. converting waste heat into re-usable energy - and supply RGS’ unique silicon nano technology to benefit industries' energy conversion towards sustainability.

Our competences

Develop, manufacture and implement our innovative solutions for energy consuming industries (such as Thermagy heat-conversion panels) with our high temperature process know how, and our advanced silicon nano technology, manufacturing skills, facilities, products and materials.

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